Kiwanis - Serving the Children of the World
Serving the Children of the World
Our club is proud to sponsor and be involved with many community service and fundraising activities. Below you will find a listing of the upcoming events.

Date Type Title
12/13/2017 Meeting
12/20/2017 Meeting
12/23/2017 Event

Our Christmas See's Candy Sales is one of our bigger fund raisers.  The funds raised are used in projects for in our local community.  We sell fresh See's Candy at the Florence Sears...

12/27/2017 Meeting
01/03/2018 Meeting
01/09/2018 Committee

Foundation Meeting

01/10/2018 Meeting

We'll get a "mid-year" update on the activities of the Builders Club and Key Club.


01/17/2018 Meeting
01/24/2018 Meeting
01/25/2018 Event

It's a night of fun and laughter!!  Come to play, or come to long as  you join us!!  It will be a fun evening playing Family Feud against each other!   Bring friends...

01/31/2018 Meeting
02/07/2018 Meeting
02/14/2018 Meeting
02/21/2018 Meeting
02/28/2018 Meeting